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Honestly, Honest…Honestly

Hawaii Mobile Auto Repair Review

For me, “mechanics” has always had a negative connotation. When dealing with a mechanic when I take my car into a car repair shop, I’ve always kept my walls up and kept cautious when dealing with the mechanics. Even though if I rationally think about my past experiences with auto repair shops, I don’t think I’ve been cheated or ripped off. I guess the negativity comes from the horror stories that I’ve heard or watched on television where mechanics take advantage of people’s ignorance relating to vehicle repair, service, or maintenance.

Well, the only time I’ve ever felt cheated was when I has a nail in one of my tires and the mechanic/salesperson talkiness me into buying a whole new 4 set of tires. And I felt that he inflated the price on me.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way towards mechanics. But, if you really think about it, not all auto mechanics fit into that stereotype. And I have proof! Continue reading

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Save Time Equals Saving Money

In business talk: if time is money, that would mean money is time. So if I save time, I’m saving money, correct?

In any case, I found out how to save both money and time with a great house cleaning service company here in Hawaii.

Hawaii Home Cleaners is a great company to get your home cleaning needs done. Well, they are the very first cleaning company that I worked with but so far so good.

I had our 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment cleaned by them and it was a pleasant experience. I  had them general clean the house in which I gave them some specific duties. But they did way more than what I asked for. They cleaned and organized the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. They folded our laundry, dusted, wiped down, vacuumed, mopped, and scrubbed.

I hesitantly Continue reading

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