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Hawaii Mobile Auto Repair Review

For me, “mechanics” has always had a negative connotation. When dealing with a mechanic when I take my car into a car repair shop, I’ve always kept my walls up and kept cautious when dealing with the mechanics. Even though if I rationally think about my past experiences with auto repair shops, I don’t think I’ve been cheated or ripped off. I guess the negativity comes from the horror stories that I’ve heard or watched on television where mechanics take advantage of people’s ignorance relating to vehicle repair, service, or maintenance.

Well, the only time I’ve ever felt cheated was when I has a nail in one of my tires and the mechanic/salesperson talkiness me into buying a whole new 4 set of tires. And I felt that he inflated the price on me.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way towards mechanics. But, if you really think about it, not all auto mechanics fit into that stereotype. And I have proof!

My friend Chris has his own company in which is a mobile auto repair service. I met him through calling him and using his service. I liked the idea of having the convenience of him coming to my house and doing the repair. So, I set up an appointment for him to come to my own home to check out my Kia Sorento that had the check engine light on.

Over the phone he was kind and more of a “straight to the point” type of person, which means that he valued my time. He quoted me $80 upon arrival of my home for him to drive out and diagnose the problem. This cost was for his initial time and mileage he had to travel. That’s pretty reasonable compared to an actual auto repair shop.

Upon arrival we introduced ourselves. I made my payment and he kindly asked me what was going on with the vehicle. He went through what seemed like his regular routine, starting up the car, listening, looking, smelling, etc. He then hooked up his diagnosis tool to my car’s computer (I’m guessing) and ran his diagnostics.

What he got from it was that the injector that had to be replaced. He told me that if I didn’t get it replaced, chances of the car stalling is high. He offered to repair it at $60/hour for labor and estimated that it was going to take about an hour to do the actual repair.

I didn’t hesitate to give him the go ahead. So he called a nearby parts store and checked in to see if the part was available, which it was, and went off to get it.

As he worked on the repair I kept him company and we chatted. He is a certified mechanic and originally from the San Diego area. He spoke about how there are other mechanics that does what he does but really ruins the industry for everyone. He told me some horror stories of his past client’s stories of other mechanics doing crappy jobs, being late, or even crooking them. He told me it’s sickening to hear that.

From out conversation I could really tell he genuinely loves what he does and tries to serve people with honesty, integrity, and fairness. He emphasized fairness because some people who call him to inquire for his services think that fairness is only a one way street. I understood that, because he does’t want to be ripped off as well which has happened before.

In all, we had a great conversation and he repaired my car. The cost was VERY reasonable, way lower than what a shop would charge which is usually around $120 per hour. I made a great contact and I definitely recommend my friend Chris the mobile mechanic to all of you here on the island of Oahu. He services island-wide and will come to you whether if it’s an emergency or not.

Visit his website, www.hawaiimobileautorepair.com, for more information or to inquire within. It’s well worth it, honestly!

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