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Kountry Style Kitchen Ewa Beach Restaurant Review

There is not much news going on in Ewa Beach, but there is a lot going on there. It is a city that is slowly growing.

I guess the goal is to make the traffic heavy city more independent of its needs for the people so that they don’t need to travel out too often. Well it’s happening.

I found a little gem by way of a friend’s Facebook post of a fairly new restaurant located in the heart of Ewa Beach in a small strip mall off to the right side before the McDonald’s if you’re going “Ewa Bound”.

Kountry Style Kitchen originated in Kauai and has made it to Oahu. Opening up in the country, Ewa Beach, is seemingly perfect to “keep the country, country” as some locals protest. And Ewa Beach doesn’t have much to offer as far as a nice independent local eatery. So it seems like a perfect fit.

Me and my GF arrived there the same day I found out about it after getting a haircut in Kapolei. It was around 11 to noonish when we had our meal. All seats were pretty much empty as we walked-in and were greeted by the lovely staff and what had seemed like the hostess. It was slow so they were just standing around by the cash register talking stories. That raised my attention for some worry (more on that later).

The hostess sat us, presented the menu, asked if we had been there before, asked if we were having coffee, and had our server take it from there. I’ll just lay it straight forward, the staff and service was very good there. They were very professional, casual, knowledgable of the restaurant, service oriented and courteous. They’re everything you can ask for for a restaurant like that. But then again they were slow so all the attention was on us.

The ambiance was nice, casual, and comfy. But the decor was kind of confusing and weird. It was coordinated, or lack their of, the decor in a way that seems like the designer didn’t know what they wanted to do with the place. I got some country feel with the roosters and throwback decor on the wall but It just seemed all over the place. That’s my only negative criticism about the place.

Now for the food. They menu consisted of about 75% breakfast dishes and the rest were local dishes and spin offs of local favorites like the loco moco. It was a typical Hawaiian breakfast menu offering, which is always good in my opinion. They’re currently only open to 2 pm so I guess that’s why the menu is mostly breakfast items. With a typical Hawaiian breakfast menu, now it becomes about execution.

I ordered the Mediterranean Omelet with hashed browns as I wanted to try something different. My GF had the Vegetable Medley Benedict with hashed browns and a side of a French Toast dish (we were HUNGRY!). My omelet came with a choice of side toast as well.

Our order came to us quick, again we were the only ones there, and everything was nicely presented and clean. The Mediterranean Omelet was interesting. It consisted of Mediterranean flavor ingredients of hearts of palm, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and cheese. The omelet was nicely seasoned but I think it could have used some kind of sauce to bring all those flavors together.

With all of our meals together me and my GF like to switch dishes.So I got to eat the 2nd benne Now, the Vegetable Benedict was GOOD! Everything was nice and perfect on that dish. Vegetables were cooked and seasoned perfectly, the poached egg oozed out perfectly and the hollandaise sauce was good, different look, but good. I will be ordering that dish again for myself!

In all the food, service, and ambiance is good at Kountry Style Kitchen. But that is what worries me. I don’t want it to go away. As I’ve mentioned above, it was peak lunch time and the place was empty. There was a front staff of at least 5 people with not much work to do. Often times this spells disaster for a restaurant. Restaurants aren’t the cheapest business ventures to operate. So, if the seats aren’t filled at peak meal times, it is not good.

I don’t want this place to go away. I will definitely be back for their Eggs Benedicts. Maybe this review and recommendation will help bring more customers to this great little Kountry style restaurant in the country side to keep it running.

Go check them out in Ewa Beach!

Country Style Kitchen

91-1001 Kaimalie St

Ewa Beach, HI 96706

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