Life Gets Better With Age And So Does Steak

D.K. Steakhouse Honolulu, Hawaii Review

Yes, life does get better with age. As you get older you are able to do more stuff, you know more stuff (usually), and you can eat anywhere you want and get stuffed. Life is even better when you have significant others to do all of the stuff together.

To celebrate me and my significant other’s (girlfriend) 3 year anniversary of being in Love and officially a couple, we decided to have dinner at a well renowned restaurant here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

D.K. Steakhouse is located in the heart of Waikiki in the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa overlooking Waikiki Beach. Given that parts of Waikiki has been updated and renovated, the hotel is a laggard with keeping up with the times and D.K.’s is reflective of that as well. But in all it reminds me of Waikiki of the 90’s which is bitter-sweet.

For a Sunday night it was not that busy. No one was really waiting in the waiting area to be seated but yet when we requested a walk-in table for two, they told us that it would be a 15 min wait. We was offered to sit at the bar to wait for our table. I think it’s just a tactic to have us spend time drinking before dinner to increase our tab. Well, anyway we waited at the bar and had each a glass from their wide range of wine selection.

Already hungry 15 minutes past and we noticed that guests that came in after us were being seated before us. At the 25 minute mark I decided to inquire about our table with the host to make sure we haven’t been forgotten of. They assured us that we were next and instructed us that we can close out our bar tab. So I went ahead and closed it out, and just so happened once I did our table was ready. I still believe that was a tactic to push us to spend more.

Anyway we sat at the dated table and quite uncomfortable wooden bench seating under dimmed lighting with candlelight flickering on our table. The ambiance held that dated feeling as well. I’m not sure if that is the look and feel that they were shooting for or if it’s just an older restaurant in an older hotel. I feel it’s the later. It’s not a fine dining restaurant but more so casual with no dress code as people in their t-shirt, surf shorts, and flip flops were enjoying their dinner there.

The staff was nice, but wasn’t really personable. Their service seemed pretty streamlined styled. It felt like a corporate restaurant service-style where they say what they need to say and do what they need to do, you eat, and pay, thank you, buh- bye! No biggie, I’m just saying.

The menu though, was the star of the restaurant, as it should be. They offer what most steakhouses offer, and then some! I loved their menu. It sported nice little descriptions to educate consumers of their quality of foods and how their products are organic, locally produced, GMO-free, and origin of their ingredients.

For me, I had to try what a lot of people rave about at D.K’s which is their huge 22 ounce 15 or 30 day dry aged ribeye steak! Yes it’s a mouthful – pun intended. My GF decided she wanted some seafood so she opted for the shrimp scampi. We also went with a seafood sausage appetizer to start us off. As for my steak, any add ons desired would be separate or I had the choice of making my steak a complete meal that includes a soup du jour app, a potato souffle, and some steamed veggie medley to go with my steak. I took the complete meal…Hey, I was hungry…

Our dinner came with complementary french bread accompanied with a compound butter spread which was nice. The seafood sausage appetizer was the 2nd awesome item of our dinner. The flavor of the sausage went very well with their creamy squid ink pasta and what seemed like pickled veggies to top off. Mmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it… The potato soup had great flavor as well and it was perfectly seasoned.

Soon after our appetizer dishes were cleared, out hot entrees came out. And you probably already know what the #1 awesome dish was. Yep, the 22 ounce 30 day dry aged ribeye steak! This massive bone-in slab of meat was beautifully cooked to my requested medium-rare doneness, and ever so lightly glazed with their demi glace sauce on it. My mouth is watering now!

I love my steaks and I’ve had some good steak dishes before, but I’ve never ate a steak that tasted like the aged ribeye. It’s almost indescribable. They use the adjective “nutty” to describe the flavor profile of the steak. I describe it as AWESOME! The flavor was just deep and “meaty”. Man, even my GF loved it and she’s not really a steak eater.


The vegetable medley and potato soufflé was just sub par. But everything becomes sub par when up against that steak!

As much as I wanted to, I could’t finish the massive bone in steak greatness. We got it down to an eighth of it remaining. About 18 ounces of steak downed. Yea, I had to unbuckle my belt after that one. Dessert wasn’t even a thought after that meal – although they did ask.

In all D.K Steakhouse is good. Even though it had a dated decor and ambiance, it’s a nice place to dine in or at least experience here in Hawaii. Our bill was $138 with our drinks included, so the pricing is decent for what you get. In my opinion, the value in that steak.

Whether if you live here in Hawaii or plan to vacate here sometime, I recommend you to my friends D.K. Steakhouse located in the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.

The steak will be aging for you…


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