Buca Di Beppo Ward Review

In the heart of Ward Shopping Center in Honolulu, Hawaii is a nice little family style Italian restaurant- ¬†well, what Italian restaurant isn’t “family-style”.

Right under the Ward Theaters, Buca Di Beppo is seemingly always busy and full of energy. In my 20+ years born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve never ate there. It was just a background image to me whenever I went to the theaters or Dave & Busters upstairs. I was never drawn to Buca or ever thought about eating there.

It was just one afternoon when me and my family were out in the area that we thought that we should try it out.

As I mentioned it always seemed busy in there. We went there on a Tuesday afternoon around 6 pm, so it wasn’t as busy as it has been seen on the weekends. With no reservation we just checked in with the hostess for a party of three. She kindly asked us to have a seat until a table is ready for us.

The ambiance (decor) was very casual. Historical pictures of landmarks, scenic places, celebrities, and art pieces plastered the walls along with some Italian decor. It was just a nude male Roman art piece that I thought was inappropriate to be displayed in the waiting area, especially in a restaurant that is meant for families. But other than that, about 15 minutes of waiting time our name was called by the hostess and our waitress lead us to our dining table.

The waitress asked us if we’ve ate there before, and since we haven’t, she gave us the grand tour. And that was super cool. She took us through the kitchen where every worker that we came across welcomed us personally to the restaurant. It was the real live kitchen where we saw everyone hard at work. There was a chef’s table in there as well where you can request to be seated to enjoy your meal in the entertaining and vibrant kitchen.

We were seated and given our menus. The place was pretty busy with several parties of people were having their dinners as well. The only thing about the dining area was the spacing. It was a little claustrophobic in there – but that could be just me.

The menu offered the typical Italian restaurant menu of anti pasti, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, calzones, etc. We ordered a Pepperoni pizza and their Spicy Chicken Rigatoni dish. Wait staff and servers were pretty on top of things throughout the night, so no complaints there. We were served some very nice french served with their infused olive oil as an appetizer. That was very nice and definitely got our appetite going. Our stomachs probably would have been satisfied with just that.

It was about a 15 minute wait time for our entrees to come out. Everything was great! I mean, it was a typical Italian restaurant meal with good sized family style portions and you really can’t go wrong with that.

Our experience there was great with good service and a nice casual ambiance. A photographer also came by to take our family picture for our first-time Buca goers souvenir to be printed and taken home for $20 – a doodad of an expense given we could have just taken out own selfies for free with our iPhones. But hey I guess it just made our first time experience even more memorable.

We do recommend our friends there at Buca Di Beppo in Honolulu, Hawaii if you’re in the area and want some Italian food in a nice casual setting. Check them out daily from 11 AM – 10 PM.

We will going back there ourselves from time to time!

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